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This is an online service for fast and anonymous viewing of stories from the phone of any Instagram user absolutely for free and without login. Just enter the username and click watch. You will see all the stories and be able to download them. Bookmark the site and thank you for being with us
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What is the value of the service? When you want to go unnoticed and secretly view the stories of the person you need, you can visit our website and do it completely free of charge. At the same time, no one will know who exactly watched the story.

Viewing and downloading stories - 100% completely anonymous

Here you can view the Instagram user's profile and stories completely anonymously, your data is not saved anywhere
Without Logging in
You don't have to register a personal profile on Instagram and download the app
For free
The whole service is absolutely free, we do not charge any money for the functions that we provide

How does a bot for hidden viewing of stories work?

You enter the nickname of the user you are interested in
It gets into the system and passes through the accounts of our service
The service gives you all the user's available conten
The name of one of our accounts is saved in the browsing history
Your name remains a secret
What does a user whose stories were viewed anonymously see in the browsing history?
The user sees the account of one of our bots that are connected to the system. A person will not understand who exactly watched his story.
Do I need to register to view stories anonymously?
No, you can watch stories without registration. You need to leave your data anywhere.
Is it possible to view a closed profile?
We plan to add this feature to the service in the near future!
Why do I need to watch stories anonymously?
So that the user whose stories you want to watch will never know that it was you who watched his content. So you will remain incognito.
Can I view deleted stories?
Unfortunately, Instagram does not give access to this data, so we cannot add such a feature to our service. But everything is still ahead!
How do I see who has watched your stories on Instagram?
You need to go to your account statistics and see the coverage of your history (these are unique Instagram users who have viewed your content) accounts that will be presented there.
I'm missing some function
Write to us by email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> with a letter about the features that you would like to see in our service. We are always happy to receive feedback!
How to download a story from another person's Instagram?
To download a story, you need to insert a link to the profile or the user's nickname in the search bar and click search, then select the one you need from the list of stories to download. Also on the page that opens, you can download pinned stories (current or highlights) anonymously.
How to download a story from instagram to iPhone and android?
To do this, you need to open a website insert the user's nickname and after downloading the stories, click the download button under the story.